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What kind of adult do you want to hang out with?



There's this thing I notice, and it's a big focus on

  • getting pregnant
  • having a baby
  • wanting the perfect car & house & nursery

for the thing you're bringing into the world and into your life and into your Instagram account.

Remember, though: you're adding a person. A family member, an adult-in-training that has to learn everything from you and those you choose to have closest to them (your co-trainers, co-parenters, and co-creators).

Sure, you can't control and predict the final outcome and product of this effort....but the effort results in a culmination of all the

  • hard work
  • effort
  • blood
  • sweat
  • tears & joys

you introduce and experience with this little human. It results in an adult. Eventually, anyway.

Think about what kind of adult you want to hang out with 20 years from now - and then reverse engineer that to determine what qualities and values you can help instill. The first few years cements the foundation for what your adult-in-training needs to thrive.

You and your behavior, stresses, buttons, and anxieties will all contribute.

So will your strengths, your hobbies, your approaches and your problem solving techniques.

It's what you want, right? A cool person to hang out with for the rest of your life?

I thought so.

If you need some help getting clear on what you really want re: this whole child-rearing effort, I'm here for you. Book a one-hour session with me to clear your blocks and prep your mind for raising the next generations of great, successful, confident members of society.


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