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Why is my sister telling people about my experience?

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Did you know August 7 is the midway point between the first and last day of summer?

And speaking of summer - how's yours been?

Mine's been fast. It's so strange to be...doing things. Doing things without having to worry (so much) about safety precautions. Doing things without double-checking to see if I have a mask with me. Doing things without also bringing all our food and beverages along with us. Doing things like chatting with strangers...sitting at bartops...seeing friends in person...listening to, reading, and telling stories.

Speaking of stories

I ran across a column over the weekend with the headline 

Why Is My Sister Telling People About My Miscarriage?

I read it, interested to see the context...and what the advice person had to say. 

So here's the short version: A woman told a few people she was in the early stages of pregnancy. And then she had a miscarriage. She let those "few people" know about the miscarriage (one of whom was her sister), and the sister started posting about it on social media.

I am so sad she and her partner didn't have the Parental Readiness Guide & Workbook. If they had, they could have scenario planned just such situations ahead of time, so all they had to do was execute on the "what if" when the time came.

They could have deployed their agreed-upon response immediately, instead of reading all the posts (and comments) swirling around them. 

They could have retained control of the situation.

They could have ensured their story was told the way they wanted it to be told. Or kept private.

They could have grieved in their own way, on their own time, with their own process...rather than reaching out to an advice columnist for help on how to approach a family member's runaway oversharing.

Sure, being in the middle of a heart-wrenching situation is never easy. But knowing what to do just in case you end up in one makes it just a little bit easier.


Grab your copy of the Parental Readiness Guide & Workbook today. Go through it with your partner. Figure out your plan and your communication approach.

And tell your story your way.

Talk to you soon - 

PS - Some people work better when the process is facilitated instead of self-directed. If that's you and your partner, I have decades of process-related facilitation experience and I love talking through scenarios. I'm delighted to walk you both through the whole thing. Schedule a complimentary Value Call and let's see how great working together will be. 

PPS - Here's a link to the column. Please note a paywall may be in effect. 

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