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You Don't Have To

So when you're watching this video
and wondering

where did all my friends go?
and why do I get all my coffee from home now?

Here's what happened:

I moved out of state
gave up my corporate job
and Started a Business.


All my friends

are clients
live hundreds of miles away
or both.


Once the...

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So next time you're flossing...

There are moments you know

someone is bullsh*tt!ng you.


And moments you realize

somebody just handed you a gift.


Even if it's a weird gift

it's still better than getting lied to.


So next time you're flossing...

or catching a whiff of a sour smell that comes from NOT...

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Anything you set your mind to...

You can convince yourself of anything. It's a process can be applied anywhere in your life. 


Tell yourself:

"I [emotion] [object]."


Repeat the words over and over. 

For example: I [don't like] [ice cream]

I told myself (in my head or even aloud if it wasn't in too...

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Use less dressing

If you'd like to try this at home

restaurant supply stores have condiment cups for super cheap.

You can get metal ones in different sizes

for different sauces

and situations.


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I wore

A gold sleeveless sheath

Gladiator sandals with 4 inch heels

And natural deodorant.


I was confident I'd be fine

and the dress would emerge intact.


I wasn't so certain about the shoes.




I've driven the streets of a midsummer Spanish festival


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What I learned during lunch with corn

Ever wondered why corn is considered a starch and not a vegetable?

Try cutting some fresh from the cob...uncooked.

You'll notice all this cloudy white liquid - almost like cold semen. 

The visual is disturbing on a couple of levels.

But anyway.

The first time I ever knowingly ate corn fresh...

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