A chill parenting mindset

creates successful, well adjusted kids

Get what you need to be a confident parent

align with brave

create boundaries

trust your intuition

Hi - I'm Jeri

The Parental Mindset Coach

I help people who get v regular Brazilians prepare for parenthood.

And by get, I mean "people who get" in air quotes

because I'm not talking about the people who lay on the table and act casual while having unwanted hair removed with a warm, sticky goo covering someone's gloved hand.

They're super cool - don't get me wrong.

I'm talking about - and helping out - the partners here.
The ones who are incredibly appreciative they don't ever have to worry they'll get hair in their teeth.

The ones who're ready for this next adventure

and willing to do the mental work
to tune in
tune up


Parental Mindset Coaching.

It's actually a thing. 

let's see if I'll add value

You & your partner will

stay informed


know you're doing what's right for you
stop worrying what others think

Help you and  your future child(ren) succeed

make a value call

Stop overthinking & parent with confidence

Stop overthinking & parent with confidence