Anniversary Planning Process

anniversary balance brain expansion tool process Sep 15, 2021

First Question: Even or odd?

Now, answer that real quick and then pass this along to your partner. Because it’s always good to have your position set before going in to any negotiation. :)


Every year, your anniversary sneaks up on you.

The longer you’re together, the more likely it is that you’ll just head out to dinner and not even plan an outfit.

Who’s on point?
Which one of you is responsible for coordinating the experience?
Who will make the reservations?
Will there even be reservations?

It's frustrating!

Here’s my Anniversary Planning Process:

Each person plans the alternating year’s anniversary celebration. 


That’s it.
There you go. 
(Why didn’t you think of this before??)

It’s not even a process, really - it’s more a structure. A framework. Or an approach.

Call it what you want; it changes the game and your relationship forever. 

Everyone I’ve shared it with has immediately implemented it to great success.

Think about it: since you have a year off in between, you really get time to think through and be engaged with what the other person would love…and create an experience you both will enjoy.

So. Why keep procrastinating?

Why keep indulging in vague disappointment?


And now…back to the First Question. I asked you Even or Odd because it’ll help you determine if one type of milestone anniversary more important to you than another. Case in point: if you start this structure with Year 3, you’ll get Year 25. Your partner is going to get 10 & 20.

Simple. Easy. You’re welcome.


Also, I know you’ll have questions (b/c implementation is so much harder than just reading about things). That’s why I host conversations over on Clubhouse - so be sure you follow me and join The Balance Consultant. 

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