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The path to wellbeing

Why is my sister telling people about my experience?

Did you know August 7 is the midway point between the first and last day of summer?

And speaking of summer - how's yours been?

Mine's been fast. It's so strange to be...doing things. Doing things without having to worry (so much) about safety precautions. Doing things without double-checking to...

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Thinking Through Parenthood



Keep it and return to it later.

Refer to it again and again.

A manual that's tailored to your exact situation.

Discussion points and prompts ease you into convos with your partner. Your anxiety is eased.

You're on the same page. 


It'll make the days following the...

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Use less dressing

If you'd like to try this at home

restaurant supply stores have condiment cups for super cheap.

You can get metal ones in different sizes

for different sauces

and situations.


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