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What Keeps Happening?

Remember how you wanted to get your workouts in early?

Those days you meant to meditate and just...didn't?

And weren't you eating better the other month?

Isn't THIS the year you're gonna follow through on spending the holidays how YOU want to?




Maybe you need the parental...

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Feed your brains, starve anxiety

I ran across an article and followed a link, and suddenly was embedded in this paper - a systematic review of tons of studies relating to the connection between anxiety, food, and probiotics.

Partway down the page is another graphic/link, showing how many times the paper has been...

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Practice veggies first, meat (and/or fried food) second approach

Next time you're eating

remember to


Eat your veggies first

your meat/fried food later.

This'll help your digestive system process the heavy stuff and keep you more efficient in the restroom.

Getting fries with that burger? Add a salad and eat that before you start the rest. 


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Every once in a while, you get a taste of something

and you know immediately

your life is going to change. 


Maybe it's a person you taste.

Or perhaps an alternative milk.


A smoothie, though?


Who are you kidding?


But seriously.

Things happen

if you drink a...

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