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Why is my sister telling people about my experience?

Did you know August 7 is the midway point between the first and last day of summer?

And speaking of summer - how's yours been?

Mine's been fast. It's so strange to be...doing things. Doing things without having to worry (so much) about safety precautions. Doing things without double-checking to...

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Why it's Important to Develop Good Sunscreen Habits During Pregnancy

Happy Summer!

This may be your last summer without a little in your household…so…it’s time to ask yourself: Are you currently a Sun Seeker or a Sun Mitigator?

Because heads up: when the baby comes along, you’ll be bombarded with opinions re: how to do “sun...

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Cereal: is it for breakfast or dinner?

Why'd you pick that?

comment below the opt-in thing 'm figuring out how to get rid of (or at least how to make it smaller).

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What would you do if you were a celebrity?

I'd really like to know what celebrities do after baby. Do they breastfeed? Do they buy other people's breastmilk? Do they hire a wetnurse? Do formula?

It's a curiosity.

Because I know that if you're pregnant, eventually you won't be any more. And your nice, full, firm breasts that look so good...

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What kind of adult do you want to hang out with?


There's this thing I notice, and it's a big focus on

  • getting pregnant
  • having a baby
  • wanting the perfect car & house & nursery

for the thing you're bringing into the world and into your life and into your Instagram account.

Remember, though: you're adding a person. A family member,...

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How to decide about an opportunity
Imagine you have an opportunity. It's a big, life-changing opportunity. One that will change the course of your career and your personal relationships.

This opportunity will take change on your part, and dedication. Sacrifice and sustained effort.

You want to jump on it.

You want to so bad...

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How to fix eczema (and also overwhelming processes)

So I was a bit pressed for time the other day and my skin was feeling a little off...the perfect excuse to use combo for some sugar scrub action.

I wanted to use the scrub because - yes, I was in a hurry - but also I was experiencing that eczema-like itch I get when I know I haven't been...

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What Keeps Happening?

Remember how you wanted to get your workouts in early?

Those days you meant to meditate and just...didn't?

And weren't you eating better the other month?

Isn't THIS the year you're gonna follow through on spending the holidays how YOU want to?




Maybe you need the parental...

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Thinking Through Parenthood



Keep it and return to it later.

Refer to it again and again.

A manual that's tailored to your exact situation.

Discussion points and prompts ease you into convos with your partner. Your anxiety is eased.

You're on the same page. 


It'll make the days following the...

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Practice eating alternatively when you're out and about

Are you vegan curious?

Want to know what paleo pizza is really like?

Have you ever tried to order only gluten free from a menu?


Menus these days are proud to point out their specialized options.

You don't have to figure out what gluten free covers (exactly). Just try it and see. And...

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Feed your brains, starve anxiety

I ran across an article and followed a link, and suddenly was embedded in this paper - a systematic review of tons of studies relating to the connection between anxiety, food, and probiotics.

Partway down the page is another graphic/link, showing how many times the paper has been...

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Practice veggies first, meat (and/or fried food) second approach

Next time you're eating

remember to


Eat your veggies first

your meat/fried food later.

This'll help your digestive system process the heavy stuff and keep you more efficient in the restroom.

Getting fries with that burger? Add a salad and eat that before you start the rest. 


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