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How to decide about an opportunity

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Imagine you have an opportunity. It's a big, life-changing opportunity. One that will change the course of your career and your personal relationships.

This opportunity will take change on your part, and dedication. Sacrifice and sustained effort.

You want to jump on it.

You want to so bad you can taste it.

You can see yourself thriving...

But these little voices keep coming up. Discouraging. Causing you to keep second-guessing yourself.

And they stop you.

Again and again.

Circles and twirls in you mind, never-ending conversations and chatter you can't even fully decipher because they've been going on and on and on for so long. 

What if you gave them some space? Wrote down the convo/chatter and looked at it with your objective brain?

Maybe what you'll find is you've been missing the encouraging voices that've been mixed in there all along. Voices that've been getting drowned out because you're only paying attention to the negative.


Ready to give freewriting a shot and see what the what is?

Excellent news. 

Here's how:


  1. Place the opportunity in the front of your mind. Think of it like a phrase or sentence on the chalkboard in front of class. Do you see it? Good. Now:

  2. Write down all the chatter that's in your brain. All of it. Let it flow, just keep writing. Sometime it'll be super fast and you can barely keep up with the narrative, and sometimes it'll be a whisper you can hardly hear.

  3.   Set that long or short or medium-sized document aside.

  4. Put it away where you can't see it.

  5. Take a deep breath, let out all the residual anxiety about your opportunity, and enjoy the brainspace.

 Well done. Seriously, though: shake it off and walk away! I'll see you next week and we'll go through the document together.

Happy Wednesday - 

Jeri Seamands
Parental Mindset Coach
[email protected]

PS - Write it all down. All of it. Keep going until there are no more words. No more chatter. No more of anything - good or bad. You'll be spent. Exhausted. Elated, maybe. But you'll be free of the chatter...and that's a good thing.

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