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How to fix eczema (and also overwhelming processes)

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So I was a bit pressed for time the other day and my skin was feeling a little off...the perfect excuse to use combo for some sugar scrub action.

I wanted to use the scrub because - yes, I was in a hurry - but also I was experiencing that eczema-like itch I get when I know I haven't been moisturizing enough lately...and that subtle scratching of the chocolate wondermix would take me from borderline self-harm to instant self-care within seconds.

 I NEEDED to use it exactly because I was in a hurry and TWH’s scrub is THE thing to use when you have dry skin but no time to moisturize after (because you know, every instant counts when you’re rushing out the door).

Trouble was: it had dried out. Little clumps of hardened brown sugar was all that was left in the jar.

And now, still in a hurry but now committed the shower I was already standing in...I had to figure out what to do next.

I started just using the hardened scrub anyway. Even though it scratched like small knives on my already sensitive skin...not helpful...but dammit! I was in a hurry!

I stopped.

Admitted to myself that I could take the extra time and add moisturizer to my legs after the shower - thereby being late for my meeting but also guaranteeing I wouldn't be scratching at myself during said meeting.



Precious seconds dripped down the drain as hot water cascaded over my back.

"F-IT!" I thought to myself.

Crushing the brown candy with my hand, I went for it.

And realized...suddenly...I was feeling the small-kerneled and soothing spread of sugar I was looking for. It was kind of scratchy but mostly moisturizing, and it spread over my legs with ease.

The small bits were exactly what I needed. And the small bits reminded me also of processes - and how breaking down big, unmanageable obstacles into smaller and more soothing parts allows for an almost relaxing moment…and a much easier and better way to get what you want accomplished.

At the outset it looks like/seems like it won’t work. Like crushing dried sugar scrub breaking processes down into smaller chunks will slow you down and make it more difficult to accomplish what you want.

But in fact, the opposite is true. By being able to move through the process with ease and without having to struggle, push, or add steps because of the hustle and the frustration of challenging situations, you can get more done and move on your way much more effectively.

Case in point: I made that meeting with time to spare. And my legs haven't been itchy since.

Helping people implement their life's processes without burning out. Breaking things down into manageable pieces. And also trying things the hard way so you don't have to. That's why I'm here. 

Happy Wednesday -

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